June 21, 2022

Contact: Kevin Hansberger
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Socialist Rep. Frank Mrvan on Highway to the Danger Zone

Crown Point, IN – Jennifer-Ruth Green continues to see a groundswell of support pouring in from all over Indiana’s First Congressional District as she is poised to make history by upsetting a long-held congressional seat held by Democrats for over 90 years.

“Rep. Frank Mrvan has lost all situational awareness of the kitchen-table issues plaguing Northwest Indiana as he rubber-stamps the extreme agenda of Biden, Pelosi and radical DC Democrats. Hoosiers throughout Indiana’s First Congressional District are extremely motivated to eject Rep. Frank Mrvan out of this congressional seat in November,” Green campaign manager Ashleigh Presnar said. “To borrow a portion of a line from the new Top Gun movie, ‘The end is inevitable, Mrvan. You’re headed for defeat this November.’”

The economy is spiraling out-of-control, gas prices are soaring with the national average price of gas now over $5, and inflation has skyrocketed to 8.6%. Economists are sounding the alarm that our economy is plummeting to the ground while the Biden administration and Rep. Frank Mrvan refuse to own any responsibility for their own reckless decisions and irresponsible votes while neglecting the voices of Hoosiers back home in Indiana. Hoosier family values are nowhere on the radar of the DC elites; they are only concerned with more power and more control.

As a result of the absolute failure of the Biden-Mrvan policies putting our economy into a nosedive, the DCCC recently added Rep. Frank Mrvan to its Frontline Incumbent-Protection Program acknowledging the fact that Rep. Frank Mrvan’s 99% lockstep voting record with Nancy Pelosi is not what Northwest Indiana Hoosiers want representing them in Washington, D.C. His own party has placed Rep. Frank Mrvan on the “highway to the Danger Zone¹” recognizing the reality of a historic red wave in November.

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Jennifer-Ruth Green is a conservative Republican, Air Force Academy graduate, combat veteran and serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Indiana Air National Guard. Learn more at

¹ “highway to the Danger Zone” is a direct lyrics quote from the song, “Danger Zone” by Kenny Loggins