May 3, 2022

Contact: Ashleigh Presnar
[email protected]
(219) 327-5005


CROWN POINT, INDIANA – Tonight Jennifer-Ruth Green won the Republican nomination for Congress in Indiana’s 1st Congressional District and released the following statement:

“I am honored and humbled that northwest Indiana Republicans have placed their trust in me to be their nominee for Congress.  I congratulate all who ran for putting themselves forward to serve, and I look forward to earning the support of every Hoosier who supported a different candidate, and uniting Hoosiers of all political backgrounds to restore commonsense conservative leadership for The Region this November,” Jennifer-Ruth Green said.  “I want to give thanks to God, the voters, all of my supporters, contributors, volunteers, family and friends. Tonight’s victory truly was a team effort.”

“I have been blessed to have the opportunity to serve our country in uniform for 22 years, and I look forward to earning the opportunity to represent Hoosiers and continue my service in Congress,” Green added.  “Frank Mrvan pretends to be a moderate Democrat, but his record tells a different story.  Frank Mrvan has rubber-stamped the failed economic, energy, immigration and public safety policies of Biden and Pelosi that have led to soaring inflation, crushing gas prices, a border crisis and skyrocketing crime rates.   In fact, Mrvan has voted for the radical liberal agenda of Nancy Pelosi 100% of the time and the socialist agenda of AOC 95% of the time.  Mrvan isn’t a moderate and he isn’t representing the people of northwest Indiana.  It’s time for him to come home.”

Jennifer-Ruth Green is a conservative Republican, Air Force Academy graduate, combat veteran and serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Indiana Air National Guard. Learn more at