September 27, 2022

Contact: Kevin Hansberger
[email protected]

Jennifer-Ruth Green Challenges Congressman Mrvan to Three Debates

Crown Point, IN – Today the Committee to Elect Jennifer-Ruth Green released the following statement from Jennifer-Ruth Green challenging Congressman Frank Mrvan to three debates:

“We are clearly worse off than we were two years ago, and Congressman Mrvan has voted for all of the policies that have led to 40-year high inflation, record prices, soaring interest rates, crashing pension funds and 401ks, and a recession. It’s time for Frank Mrvan to defend his record before the voters,” Green said. “Mrvan is trying to change the subject and talk about anything but his record, but voters deserve a real debate of the issues.”

“Green is calling for three debates with neutral moderators, including one televised debate, so the voters of northwest Indiana have a chance to hear from the candidates and cut through the noise of the false TV ads Nancy Pelosi is bankrolling to save Mrvan’s struggling campaign,” said Ashleigh Presnar, Green’s Campaign Manager.



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Jennifer-Ruth Green is a conservative Republican, Air Force Academy graduate, combat veteran and serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Indiana Air National Guard. Learn more at