October 20, 2022

Contact: Kevin Hansberger

Green Releases New TV Ad “Shake Things Up”

Crown Point, IN – Today the Committee to Elect Jennifer-Ruth Green released a new tv ad contrasting career politician Frank Mrvan’s support for Nancy Pelosi and inflation-causing policies with Green’s focus on stopping reckless spending, reducing prices and bringing jobs back from China:

“If you think the country is on the right track, then Frank Mrvan is your man. He’s voted 99 percent of the time with Nancy Pelosi for all the reckless spending that has caused 40-year high inflation and skyrocketing prices for Hoosiers,” said Green’s Campaign Manager Ashleigh Presnar. “But if you think we’re on the wrong track and need new leadership to shake things up where career politicians like Frank Mrvan have failed, then Jennifer-Ruth Green is the clear choice. Jennifer-Ruth will stop the reckless spending that’s making everything more expensive, protect retirement savings, stop tax breaks for the rich and bring jobs back from China.”

Green’s new ad airs on Chicago broadcast television, cable, satellite, and digital platforms districtwide with a $700,000 buy.

It’s worth noting that Frank Mrvan’s campaign has run out of money and is largely dark on the airwaves the final two weeks other than ads being aired on his behalf by Nancy Pelosi’s super PAC trying to prop him up.

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Jennifer-Ruth Green is a conservative Republican, Air Force Academy graduate, combat veteran and serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Indiana Air National Guard. Learn more at