November 1, 2022

Contact: Kevin Hansberger
[email protected]

Green Releases New Minority Outreach Digital Ads

Crown Point, IN – Today the Committee to Elect Jennifer-Ruth Green released new digital ads targeting African-American voters and Spanish-speaking voters:

“We are all Americans, and we are all hurting because of the failed policies of Biden and Pelosi that Congressman Frank Mrvan has supported 99%. Regardless of the things Democrats and the media use to divide us, we all deserve better. In Congress, I will be a representative who fights for all Hoosiers,” Green said.

“Frank Mrvan sees people as different groups that can be played off of each other and exploited to maintain his power. I see real people with individual hopes and dreams. I see real people who are hurting, deserve better and need someone to fight for them.”
Green’s new digital ad is part of a six-figure buy running on digital platforms, OTT and CTV.

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Jennifer-Ruth Green is a conservative Republican, Air Force Academy graduate, combat veteran and serves as a Lieutenant Colonel in the Indiana Air National Guard. Learn more at