July 22, 2022

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ICYMI: Fox News Report on Frank Mrvan’s Campaign Funded First Class Airfare

Crown Point, IN – Today the Committee to Elect Jennifer-Ruth Green responded to a Fox News report that Congressman Frank Mrvan is spending thousands on first-class travel upgrades with donor dollars:

“Frank Mrvan pretends to be a moderate, and a man of the people, but the truth is, he’s an entitled career politician born into a political dynasty, and now he’s gone Washington,” said Kevin Hansberger, Green’s Communications Director.

“While Hoosier families struggle under crushing inflation fueled by Nancy Pelosi’s spending spree, Mrvan has rubber stamped 100% of the policies responsible for working-class economic pain. Mrvan lines his pockets with $174,000 per year in taxpayer dollars while looking out for himself and the extreme liberal agenda of elites in California and New York, not the hard-working people of northwest Indiana. Hoosiers deserve better,” Hansberger added.

This story raises the prospect of illegal campaign spending and the potential for the cloud of a federal investigation over Mrvan’s campaign:

“Not knowing the specifics of the payments, campaign funds can only be spent for legitimate campaign-related expenses and not personal expenses,” Kendra Arnold, executive director for the Foundation for Accountability and Civic Trust told Fox News Digital.

“There have been cases in the past where candidates have illegally spent funds for their family members’ vacations and travel. In any case, where a campaign’s spending raises questions or there are expenses that could be personal expenses, it can warrant an explanation from the candidate about the payments.”

Read the full story here:

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