Jennifer-Ruth Green for Congress
Jennifer-Ruth Green Stands for a Strong American Economy
“A strong family is the foundation of a strong economy.”1 National economic policies should reflect the country’s commitment to the well-being of families and the American businesses which provide goods and services to the American family.

Fiscal Responsibility

The growing national debt is evidence of fiscal irresponsibility. This increasing debt hurts private investment, manipulates interest rates and the capital structure, suppresses exports, and harms future generations through higher taxes and inflation. Government has a responsibility to operate within its financial means, just like everyday citizens do.

Free-Market Economy

The American society was built on a free-market economy which allows the American business to determine prices and services in fair competition with similar business models. Entrepreneurs and small businesses deserve equal opportunities to compete and succeed. A free-market economy empowers the American consumer to make individual choices to choose what is best for them and their family.

Socialist policies should be strongly opposed that would hinder the free market by stripping individual decision-making privileges from the American entrepreneur and the consumer, placing them exclusively in the hands of government-controlled entities.

Limited Government Regulations

Government involvement in the private lives of American citizens or private business must not violate the freedoms guaranteed in the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, or in the Bill of Rights. We have witnessed government overreach into our personal liberties, homes, businesses, places of worship, and healthcare. While common-sense laws are necessary for the smooth operation of a constitutional republic, when policy or legislation infringes on the American citizen’s person, property, or religious practices, the government has overreached.

Private, American businesses should be free to operate with limited government involvement. Increased regulations on industry have pushed consumer prices higher while suppressing jobs and production. Common-sense environmental considerations must be made, but not at the expense of a free market, strong businesses, or strong families.

We must be careful not to create an environment where society depends on big government for survival. This minimizes the value of hard work and the satisfaction of earning an honest living while beholding the American people to the whims of legislators. Government should operate dependent on the people. “Government of the people, by the people, for the people…”2

Greater Employment Opportunities

Protecting American-based jobs should be at the forefront of the economic policy discussion. A strong job market supports a strong family. A strong family supports a strong economy. An “America First” economic agenda is essential to support the working-class laborer who relies on agriculture, manufacturing, construction, technology, and transportation to support their family.

Equal employment and training opportunities must be available to all American citizens regardless of financial status, race, creed, color, ethnicity, or any other factors.

Laborers’ interests should be considered to run an ethically upright organization that supports the American worker. Employers will do well to know the status of their employees and to consider their concerns and well-being with an open mind. Labor unions can provide great value both to the employer and the employee to assist both sides with providing a suitable working environment and fair compensation. Workers should have the freedom to choose whether or not they want union representation. Equally, a business should have the freedom to choose to utilize the free-market services of vendors whether unionized or not without consequence.

Jennifer-Ruth Green Stands for Strong National Security

Serving as a lieutenant colonel in the United States Air Force, Jennifer-Ruth Green has experienced the effects of national security decisions firsthand. She brings an understanding of what the defenders of our freedom need to effectively do their jobs on a daily basis. She has completed studies at Air Command and Staff College and is actively working towards completion of Air War College. As the former unit commander of the 122d Communications Flight based out of Fort Wayne, Indiana, she understands what it is like to have boots on the ground for our country. Jennifer-Ruth is an Operation Iraqi Freedom combat veteran and brings battle-proven leadership and experience to the national security discussion.

In order for the United States to advance its long-term strategic national security interests and effectively reduce terrorism, religious freedom must be cultivated worldwide. This first freedom afforded to Americans in the Bill of Rights is foundational to advancing freedom on a worldwide scale.

America First Foreign Policy

Jennifer-Ruth brings extensive foreign policy experience to Congress with a degree in Foreign Area Studies specializing in foreign relations with Asian countries (China, Japan, India, etc.). She believes that American government officials have a responsibility to the American people to approach foreign policy with an “America First” agenda, while maintaining the position that diplomacy is a wise first step to achieve peaceful resolutions to issues.

Clear National Security Strategy

The United States military needs clear operational directives, supported by the resources to meet those objectives in a timely manner, with minimal casualties.

The National Defense Strategy, and down-flowed directives to the warfighter, must be clear in intent. Previously, China was identified as a clear enemy in the National Security Strategy and currently, domestic terrorism is listed as the primary threat. This shift does not allow clear direction for federal military forces bound by the posse comitatus law. Without clear direction from the Commander-in-Chief, how should the United States military posture their forces and prepare for their primary purpose of defending the nation?

“The fog of war must not begin with the commander’s intent.” — Unknown

Prioritized Cybersecurity

America faces many challenges, and unpredictable security threats are high on the impact list. Cyber is the fifth domain of warfare and it is becoming more extensive every day.

Cyber is interwoven with the daily life of each American. Cyber defense protects families by safeguarding American power grids, water supply, energy supply, financial institutions, the Internet, and any web-based operational structure.

As a Cyberspace Operations Officer extensively trained in this specific effort, Jennifer-Ruth is aware of the high risk that vulnerabilities cause to our national security on a daily basis. We must continue to strengthen our national cyber defenses to combat enemies, foreign and domestic, who seek to disrupt our American society by technological means.

Secure Borders and Attainable Citizenship

America is a country of law and order. Immigration enforcement should respect the rule of the country’s immigration laws. This often requires challenging decisions that affect real people in a personal way. However, failure to enforce the law will lead to the breakdown of what actually makes America attractive to legal immigrants. We need a secure border, but we also need a clear and attainable path to citizenship for those who seek to legally enter our country. A common-sense approach to embracing new citizens who seek to transition to our country is imperative to welcome immigrants and asylum seekers in a way in which we can all prosper.

Safe Communities

Jennifer-Ruth fully supports police and law enforcement who do their jobs legally and without bias, to defend and to protect the rule of law. We have an obligation to our law enforcement officers to provide resources for training, equipment, counseling, and practical preparation for the challenges they face on a daily basis.

Criminal justice reform should include providing nonviolent offenders access to career training, education, specialized treatments, counseling services, and other social programs. Clear pathways to rehabilitation, while keeping families together and maintaining public safety, reduce the percentage of repeat offenders and limit overcrowding within the prison system.

There is great difficulty when people are tasked to continually protect themselves in life-and-death situations. As a combat veteran, Jennifer-Ruth experienced this firsthand. A distrust is created and solidified of those who are perceived as “enemies.” This unconscious bias is a reality that has most recently surfaced in regard to engagement tactics and treatment of African-Americans. Providing specialized and consistent training for law enforcement and making mental-health services available to those serving in these capacities, can make great strides toward de-escalating interactions and alleviating some of the pressures associated with the job.

Jennifer-Ruth Green has been proudly endorsed by the Indiana State Police Alliance.

Fair and Secure Elections

Fair and secure elections are critical to the American people’s faith in our democratic process and the legitimacy of our Republic. Jennifer-Ruth supports common-sense photo identification requirements to vote, verification of citizenship to vote, secure and verifiable absentee ballots, and prohibiting ballot harvesting. She also supports ensuring election observers have access to every step in the vote-counting process. Election fraud happens, and it isn’t a victimless crime. Surely a right Americans have fought and died for is worth securing and ensuring all Americans have confidence in electoral outcomes.

Jennifer-Ruth Green Stands for Strong American Families

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.” — Preamble to the Declaration of Independence

All people are created equal, and they deserve dignity, value, and respect. Whatever your family looks like, you are important to God and you are important to Jennifer-Ruth. Every family should be provided with a clear path to success regardless of its composition.

Pro-Life Policies from Conception to the Grave

Jennifer-Ruth Green is unashamedly and unapologetically pro-life. Empirical evidence shows that life begins at conception and that a child in the womb is a distinct, developing, whole human being. There is no arbitrary evaluation of “quality of life.” Every life is worth living and holds promise, even if disadvantaged by developmental disability, injury, disease, or advanced aging. It is unethical to deliberately end the life of a suffering person (euthanasia) or to help another person end their life (assisted suicide). True compassion means finding ways to ease suffering and providing care for each person while maintaining the individual’s life and dignity.3

Jennifer-Ruth Green has been proudly endorsed by Indiana Right to Life and Susan B. Anthony List.

Educational Opportunities for Every Child

Every child deserves a quality education. The right to determine what form of education is best for children should rest solely within the authority of the child’s parent(s) or legal guardian(s). Jennifer-Ruth supports school choice for every family, not just for the privileged. Public policy should make it easy and affordable for families to choose what is best for their children whether that be public education, secular or religious private schools, or home education. Local public safety officials should exert legal authority only in cases of irrefutable abuse or neglect of a child.

Educators are responsible for teaching students how to think, not what to think. School curriculums must remain focused on the primary goal of education: to prepare the next generation for success through the dissemination of basic knowledge and skills free of social and political propaganda.

American young people should be provided suitable opportunities after high school for education (trade), enrollment (higher education), or enlistment (military service), regardless of financial status, race, creed, color, ethnicity, or any other factors.

Local school boards and officials should retain the authority to enact policy and legislation regarding their local public-school systems that reflect the priorities of the parents, students, and residents of the community.

Second Amendment

Law-abiding Americans have a Constitutional right to keep and bear arms. As an NRA member, Jennifer-Ruth will defend the rights of law-abiding gun owners and oppose new federal regulations and restrictions undermining the rights of law-abiding Americans. The Second Amendment is critical to protecting our liberty and our safety.

Jennifer-Ruth Green has received an “AQ” rating from the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF).

More Money in American’s Pockets

You know better what to do with your money than the government does. Policies that reduce the tax burden on families and businesses allow all to have more money in their pocket. A strong family is the foundation of a strong economy. Fiscal responsibility and proper stewardship in a national tax policy will enhance the well-being of the American family.

High-Quality, Affordable Healthcare

Americans need high-quality, affordable healthcare that is free of political agendas. Socialized health care approaches have weakened our healthcare system by driving up costs and eroding the quality of care and variety of options.

Hoosier families should have the resources available to make their own decisions regarding their health and healthcare treatment options. Government should not mandate personal health decisions.

Healthcare professionals and organizations should have the right-of-conscience protections that allow them to refrain from elective medical procedures or practices to which they have moral objections.

Healthcare subscribers should have the right-of-conscience protections that allow those purchasing or enrolling in health insurance to have the freedom to choose health plans in which their premium dollars will not be used to subsidize procedures or practices to which they have moral objections.

Social Security and Medicare

Our country has made a promise to our seniors, and we need to keep that promise. In Indiana, about half of our seniors would become impoverished without Social Security. I will not support any legislation that cuts Social Security or Medicare benefits for Hoosier seniors who have been working all their lives, paying into the system, and earning their benefits. We need to explore innovative ways to ensure these programs exist for future generations and heed the calls of program administrators to prevent these programs from becoming insolvent.

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