Battle Plan

Jennifer-Ruth Green for Congress

As your next congresswoman, I intend to do things differently. I will not be controlled by special interest groups or by any political party. I will be dedicated to the people of Indiana’s First Congressional District. I will be transparent and honest. I will have an open door. I will answer my phone and will return calls and messages. I will listen to you. I will not be the typical career politician this district has had for decades. You deserve better.

I came into this race with a three-fold attack plan on how to address issues.
Bridge Gaps – Identify and vocalize the real issues and work to bridge the divide we face as a district through collaboration and honest, open conversation
Rethink Norms – The same old things are not working. It is time to think outside the box. If we keep doing the same things in the same ways, we will keep getting the same results.
Build Roads – Build sustainable roads to the future for the next generation. What good is it to blaze a trail if we don’t turn that trail into a road for our children and grandchildren to follow?
I aim to provide long-term solutions to fundamental problems. I recognize that things are easier said than done. I have a battle-proven record of not giving up and continuing to fight for you until the end. I have seven focused priorities. I call them my “Battle Plan.”

Combat Inflation and Stabilize the Economy

I will use my voice and my vote to help limit government spending. Reckless spending doesn’t work for the American family and it doesn’t work for the American government either.
This starts with understanding what got us into the economic situation we find ourselves in today.
The federal government is printing money that belongs to your grandchildren to spend today. Money not backed by real wealth is flooding the market and causing inflation. This raises the costs of everything, and American citizens end up paying for it because the money they have in their pocket is less valuable.  This is a simple explanation of the Federal Reserve’s quantitative easing policy.
The multiplier effect is when costs are increased in one link of the economic chain. Vehicle prices are a great example. A supply chain breakdown in manufacturing and shipping of semiconductor chips has put a strain on the ability of US auto manufacturers to produce enough new cars to meet the demand. The diminished supply of semiconductors has made the ones that are available much more expensive. Shipping costs to get those chips to America (because we still rely on China to produce them) are higher due to the increased fuel prices and port mismanagement. It costs more to manufacture a vehicle because the supplies are more expensive. Fewer vehicles are being manufactured, and the manufacturing costs are higher, so the price of vehicles has skyrocketed. Since there is a shortage of new vehicles, the price of quality used vehicles has gone up also. All of this multiplies, driving prices up for the consumer.
You take the multiplier effect and add quantitative easing, and you get hyper-inflation. This aggressive inflationary course is unsustainable and is hurting Hoosier families across the board.
We can’t afford two more years of this failed economic policy.  It is time to get our economy back on track. I will advocate for growth in our domestic energy production, pipeline investment, and the utilization of our natural resources.  I will push for US-based production of pharmaceuticals, steel, material goods, and even semiconductors. The more we rely on other nations to provide our infrastructure, the more volatile our economy will be.  The best way to keep jobs in America, and bring them back from China, is to make America the best place in the world to start and grow a business.
I will fight for an economy that allows working people to get ahead, not one where Big Business and Big Government rig the system to benefit themselves at everyone else’s expense.
Read more about my economic platform here:

Move Towards Energy Independence

Much has been said about energy independence and the U.S. being net-exporter or a net importer of oil. The bottom line is that in the world in which we live today, energy is a traded commodity, and the United States is no exception to that market. We participate in the global market, so we need to be wise about how we handle our domestic energy production and strategic reserves. The most valuable natural resource we have in America is oil, and we have A LOT of it. Yet, this administration refuses to tap the full potential of that resource while asking other countries to produce more and to send us more. This dependence on foreign oil drives consumer prices up and creates a much more dangerous national security situation.
I will be a strong advocate for domestic energy production. The more we can produce our own fuels, the less reliant we are on other countries, especially those who are intent on undermining our national interests.
Our current government invites inflation by driving energy costs up by limiting domestic production of oil. I will support exploration and common-sense research for alternative fuel sources. I will resist making knee-jerk, premature changes to our infrastructure before the research and development are complete. When we try to push technology that isn’t ready, working and middle-class people pay the price.

Champion Educational Opportunities

I will support public policy that makes it easy and affordable for families to choose what education options are most beneficial for their children. I will seek to provide resources for public education, secular or religious private schools, and home education. I believe families know what is best for their children and should have the options available to make appropriate decisions.
I will fight for school curricula free of social and political propaganda. Schools should teach children how to think, not what to think.
I will continue to work to support and encourage after-high-school options to include education (trade), enrollment (higher education), or enlistment (military service). These opportunities should be available to all citizens.

Promote Unity

Our national leadership has lost the ability to have civil discourse and respectful disagreements.  We need leaders who can work together and agree on things that matter to the American people.  On the battlefield, it doesn’t matter if you are red or blue, what your skin color is, or how much money you have. In combat, we look for good ideas and good people to help implement those ideas. I believe there are many good ideas by some intelligent and experienced people who are never given a seat at the table because they don’t agree with the party in control 100% of the time. I intend to be open-minded and work across the aisle to get things done. I will seek to bridge the hyper-partisan gap created by leadership on both sides and fanned by the national media by being a reasonable representative for the people.

Be a Two-Way Messenger

As your next congresswoman, I will be in the position to communicate the unique needs of our very diverse district to members of Congress, and in turn, communicate the procedures of Congress to the community. I intend to be a two-way messenger in the representation of the people of Northwest Indiana. I believe Congress does not hear enough of what the actual needs are in Northwest Indiana. I desire to make sure your voices are heard in our nation’s capital and that your family’s concerns are addressed while communicating both ways. I will be your seat at the table and your voice in the discussion. I do not desire to represent Washington, D.C. in Northwest Indiana. I will represent Northwest Indiana in Washington, D.C.
I have already begun to organize coalitions and advisory boards that will collaborate with my team and me on the needs of the community. I would rather hear from members of our district about the real issues that Hoosiers are facing instead of Washington, D.C. bureaucrats or the news media.

Support Strong American Families

All people are created equal, and they deserve dignity, value, and respect. Whatever your family looks like, you are important to God and you are important to me. Every family should be provided with a clear path to success regardless of its composition.
I will advocate for a society that values life. I will work and vote to provide support for strong, nuclear families with loving parents and will strive to make resources available to them to make the best decisions for their children’s well-being, education, and future.
I will continue to support a strong safety net for families, and especially our senior citizens.  Seniors have spent a lifetime working hard and paying into Social Security and Medicare, and we must keep those promises.
I will vote for common-sense, reasonable regulations and limited government involvement in our free-market economy. A strong job market fueled by American entrepreneurs supports strong families. Strong families support a strong economy. Strong families and a strong economy are both worth defending.
The effectiveness of government should be determined by how many people stop needing their help, not by how many more people do.
Read more about my position on the strong American family here:

Emphasize Strong National Security

I will utilize my experience as a mission commander and combat veteran to express the true needs of American veterans and service members. Mental and physical health availability, streamlined veteran’s affairs processes, and support at home for those who fight for our freedoms will be a priority.
Strong national security begins at home. I will advocate for law enforcement and the full support of our first responders and the national guard who stand on the front lines every day. We have an obligation to provide resources for training, equipment, counseling, and practical preparation for the challenges they face on a daily basis.
I will advocate for a clear national security strategy and will provide Congress with a first-hand understanding of the military commander’s perspective of war and how it affects our troops and their loved ones.
As a Cyberspace Operations Officer extensively trained in cyber warfare and security, I understand the high risk that vulnerabilities pose to our national security on a daily basis. I will advocate to continue to strengthen our national cyber defenses to combat enemies, foreign and domestic, who seek to disrupt our American society by technological means.
I will support an “America First” approach to foreign policy. With a degree in Foreign Area Studies from the United States Air Force Academy specializing in foreign relations with China, Japan, and India, I bring extensive foreign policy experience to Congress. I will use this experience to work to reestablish the United States as a respected superpower.
Read more about my position on strong national security here: